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Boiler Explosion

Naval Hospital, Bremerton, WA|2012
Mechanical Failure / Explosion

A construction project was underway to replace the boilers at the Bremerton Naval Hospital. During start up, one of the…

Component Assessment

Arlington National Cemetery, VA|Ongoing
Historic Stone Condition Assessment

The six stone columns which formed the principal elements of the Ord-Weitzel and Sheridan Gates were originally erected in…

Crane Collapse Investigation

Crane Failure

Construction Site, Denver, Colorado
Metallurgical Failure Analysis Investigation

The upper boom on this 230-ton crane was damaged at a construction site. As crews attempted to lay the…

House Collapse

Residential Home, Denver, CO|2011- 2013
Construction Defect / Wall Collapse Investigation

A 100+ year residence in Denver was in the process of renovations when exterior walls began collapsing. The homeowner’s…

Fish Tank Heater Fire

Commercial Building, Everett, WA|2008 - 2014
Product Liability Investigation

After a  fire destroyed a single story commercial building, the initial investigation focused on fluorescent fixtures abandoned in a previous…

IGU Sealant Failure

Gearhart, Oregon|2016
Sealant Creep in Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

CASE  was directed to conduct laboratory examination and analysis of inconsistencies with a polyisobutylene (PIB) sealant that was used in…

Toy Testing - Failure Analysis

Toy and Children's Product Services

Global Toy Industry|Ongoing
Safety testing, product reliability, validation and verification, recalls and safety issues

CASE specializes in testing, evaluation and analysis for children’s products, toys, and consumer electronics.  Our experts provide consulting services…