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Boiler Explosion

Naval Hospital, Bremerton, WA|2012
Mechanical Failure / Explosion

A construction project was underway to replace the boilers at the Bremerton Naval Hospital. During start up, one of the…

Laundry Chemical Dispensing System

Chemical Release Injury

Hotel Laundry Facility, Seattle, WA|2012
Laundry Chemical Dispensing System Investigation

A maintenance worker was sprayed with chemicals while servicing a set of dispenser pumps which delivered chemicals to a series…

Component Assessment

Arlington National Cemetery, VA|Ongoing
Historic Stone Condition Assessment

The six stone columns which formed the principal elements of the Ord-Weitzel and Sheridan Gates were originally erected in…

Conducted Energy Weapon Verification

Manufacturers Specification Verification Testing

Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW’s) , also commonly known as Tasers, are used by Law enforcement throughout the country. Tasers are…

Conveyor Personal Injury

Factory Trawler, Dutch Harbor, Alaska|2011
Fishing Vessel Offload Elevator Investigation

CASE was retained to investigate a personal injury aboard a fishing vessel.  A crew member suffered foot amputation in a…

Crane Collapse Investigation

Crane Failure

Construction Site, Denver, Colorado
Metallurgical Failure Analysis Investigation

The upper boom on this 230-ton crane was damaged at a construction site. As crews attempted to lay the…

Distillery Tank Failure

Spirit Distillery, Bend, OR|2014 - 2015
Failure Cause and Repair-ability Analysis

A 1200 liter mash tank used in the fermentation and distillation of alcohol was damaged during a production run. Mash…

Fish Tank Heater Fire

Commercial Building, Everett, WA|2008 - 2014
Product Liability Investigation

After a  fire destroyed a single story commercial building, the initial investigation focused on fluorescent fixtures abandoned in a previous…

Foundry Equipment Analysis

Induction Meltshop, Sultan, WA |2012 - 2014
Root Cause, Design and Safety Investigations

CASE was initially retained to investigate  an incident in which a crane transporting molten steel separated from its track and…

Grist Mill Preservation Study

Woodland Washington|Ongoing
3D Laser Scanning

The CyArk organization utilizes laser scanning technologies to digitally record and preserve heritage and historical sites around the world.  CASE…

Historic Stone Investigation

Capitol Campus, Olympia, WA|2000 - Present
Stone and Mortar Deterioration / Masonry Repair

CASE has worked together extensively for the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services at the Washington State Capitol Campus at…

House Collapse

Residential Home, Denver, CO|2011- 2013
Construction Defect / Wall Collapse Investigation

A 100+ year residence in Denver was in the process of renovations when exterior walls began collapsing. The homeowner’s…

Hurricane Damage Evaluation

Residential Home, Gulf of Mexico|2008
Wind and Storm Surge Damage Assessment

This case involved a coastal house on the Gulf of Mexico that was destroyed during a hurricane. The scope of…

IGU Sealant Failure

Gearhart, Oregon|2016
Sealant Creep in Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)

CASE  was directed to conduct laboratory examination and analysis of inconsistencies with a polyisobutylene (PIB) sealant that was used in…

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT Campus, Cambridge, MA |2010 - 2011
Historic Preservation

A stone-by-stone detailed analysis of the historic limestone façade and windows was undertaken for the Main Group…

Owners Representative

Courthouse Square, Salem, OR|2010 - Present
Project Management, QA and Document Review

Courthouse Square consists of a major remediation program of a 5 story office building, transit center, parking garage and adjacent…

Cast-in-place post-tensioned

Parking Garage Investigation

Mercer Island Park and Ride, Mercer Island, WA
Cracking and Shrinkage Investigation

This project is a 2-story, cast-in-place post-tensioned parking garage partially below grade. Initially, when the formwork…

Pool enclosure water instrusion investigation

Pool Enclosure Investigation

Homeowners Association, Maple Falls, WA|2006
Construction Defect / Roof Deterioration

Jeff Harris and Bob Lauderbach of CASE Forensics conducted an examination of the pool enclosure portion of a homeowners’ association…

Corrosion Analysis

Pool Light Corrosion Analysis

Private Residence, Medina, WA|2007
Metallurgical Investigation and Remediation

CASE  was contacted and asked to investigate corrosion blooms emanating from lights in a swimming pool. Upon extracting the pool…

Roof Collapse

Private Residence, Greenwood Village, CO|2014
Failure Investigation / Structural Repair Design

The roof of a Denver area residence collapsed during the replacement of the existing wood shake roof with asphalt shingles…

First port of call after failure

Shipping containers lost at sea

M/V COSCO Yokohama, Gulf of Alaska|2012
Mechanical Failure Analysis

CASE was requested to conduct an investigation to determine the cause of containers being lost from the M/V COSCO…

Solar Panel Array Wind Damage

Church Building, S. California High Desert |2013
Storm Damage Assessment / Design Defect

A 2013 storm produced wind forces that overturned roof-top solar panels on a church building. Wade Sticht was asked…

Tear Gas / Flash Bang Device Assessment

Washington State Crime Lab
Fire Risk Assement of devices as a competent ignition source

CASE Forensics was asked to assist with the assessment of Tear Gas and Flash bang Devices deployed during law enforcement…

Tieback Analysis

Westlake Construction Site, Seattle, WA|2011
Root Cause Failure Analysis / Construction Defect

A retaining wall at a construction site in downtown Seattle failed. The tieback anchors used to hold tension in the…

Toy Testing - Failure Analysis

Toy and Children's Product Services

Global Toy Industry|Ongoing
Safety testing, product reliability, validation and verification, recalls and safety issues

CASE specializes in testing, evaluation and analysis for children’s products, toys, and consumer electronics.  Our experts provide consulting services…

Wood Bridge Repair

Failure Analysis / Repair & Remediation

The original wood structure bridge was on private property and sustained heavy damage from a dump truck. Age and loading…

Wood Deterioration

Indian Creek Condominiums, Tumwater, WA|2011
Construction Defect Investigation

CASE examined the condition of numerous decks and balconies in the Indian Creek Condominiums complex to determine the extent of…